Offering relaxation massage, pain relief, & help for anxiety or stress. I specialize in helping clients who are in cancer treatment or who have a cancer history.

All massages are by appointment only.

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Client receiving Oncology MassageYou can relax, and I won’t be chatty.

First, you’ll enjoy your massage in a calm atmosphere & without feeling rushed.

My friends say that I’m funny & caring. But when I’m giving a massage, that’s your time. I won’t be talking when you’re trying to relax.

Get more focus where your muscles need it the most.

Besides the fact that you’ll get some peace & quiet, your massage can be focused on a specific area where you feel tense or stressed. Are you on your feet at work all day, or do you sit at a computer for work or school? Is there a “spot” where you most need help?

Don’t put off feeling better! Come see me to get help with your sore or tight muscles. Massage is especially effective for the tension in your neck, arms, shoulders, or back.

Before we start, we’ll talk about your goals and make a plan to customize your session.

Oh, by the way… your 60-minute massage means just that. You’ll get 60 minutes of actual massage time on my table. None of that “50-minute hour” stuff.

Convenient, quiet office location.

Located in Virginia Beach, VA. My new office is on Newtown Road, with easy access from Northampton, Shore Drive, or Town Center. (It’s not in the I-64 construction zone!)

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Specializing in support for clients who are dealing with cancer.

If you have been affected by cancer, massage may help you with your physical and emotional side effects. Research suggests that oncology massage can offer many benefits, when you’re going through treatment and afterwards!

Can someone with cancer get a massage? Yes!

Massage can lessen your muscle & joint pain, and may help with fatigue. We’ll talk about your treatment and how it’s affected you. Plus, we’ll make some modifications to ensure your comfort. Please ask any questions that you have at any time.

I’m a preferred provider with the Society for Oncology Massage, and have taken special training from some wonderful experts.  Learn more about Oncology Massage here.

Is Your Therapist Trained?

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Convenient online scheduling… so you can always see what’s available in real time. Check my calendar and reserve your appointment easily, without having to play phone tag!

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How my massages can help you:

Massage therapist works on a client's lower leg• Relieve your headaches or back pain

• Ease some of the side effects of cancer treatment: such as pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and fatigue

• Manage stress and tension from your job

• Enjoy weekend activities & sports with less soreness afterward

• Take some time for self-care!

Quiet Strength is just me… a local, one-person business.

You’ll be confident that you’re working with the same therapist every time… don’t risk that your favorite LMT will “move on” to somewhere else 🙂

Your massage is the way you want it.

Need an extra pillow? Want the table warmer turned up, prefer a certain genre of music, looking for help with a specific muscle group? I’ll keep notes about your preferences for your next appointment.

Don’t put off feeling better! Book your massage online.

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Linda Boyer, Licensed Massage Therapist;
Virginia Lic. #0019003754