Female massage client lying on her left side as massage therapist works with her shoulder muscles.

Offering therapeutic massage in Virginia Beach to clients who are seeking relief for:

  • Anxiety or stress
  • Back or neck pain & headaches
  • Side effects of cancer treatment

New clients are welcome! All massages are by appointment only.

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covid-conscious for at-risk people

Female massage client relaxing face up on comfortable massage table while massage therapist works with her right arm and shoulder.

Find stress relief.

You’ll enjoy your massage in a calm atmosphere & you won’t feel rushed.

During your massage, that’s your time to be nurtured. My friends say I’m funny & caring, but I won’t be a Chatty Cathy while you’re trying to relax on my massage table.

Woman feeling pain, holding neck with right hand and lower back with left hand.

Get natural, therapeutic pain management.

We’ll customize your massage to address your goals & preferences:

  • Are you on your feet all day?
  • Do you sit at a computer for work or school?
  • Is there a “spot” where you always seem to feel tight, tense, or stressed?

Find relief for the tension in your neck, arms, shoulders, or back.

Female cancer patient receiving a comforting massage, and Society for Oncology Massage logo.

Can cancer patients get a massage? Yes!

While I help anyone who’s seeking stress relief or relaxation, I specialize in supporting clients who are in treatment or have a cancer history.

With modifications and extra care, oncology massage is safe. Here’s how it can help you: [click to read more…]
  • Mitigate your side effects such as depression & anxiety
  • Lessen your muscle & joint pain
  • Assist with cancer-related fatigue

We’ll talk about your treatment and how it’s affected you, to ensure your comfort. Ask any questions you have, and you’ll feel listened to.

To help you feel confident about making an appointment, I’m a preferred practitioner with the Society for Oncology Massage and have taken special training from some fantastic experts.

Clock with text, Your 60 minute massage means 60 minutes! None of that silly 50 minute hour stuff here.

Convenient online scheduling!

Because you’re busy! And playing phone tag is just so, 1997.

Easily schedule your appointment at the time that works for you, with just a few clicks.

White 2 story office building at 800 Newtown Road, Virginia Beach. Quiet Strength Massage Therapy is in this building.

Quiet office location.

Offering massage therapy in Virginia Beach, VA.

My office is on Newtown Road, by Diamond Springs.

Just minutes away from Northampton, Military Highway, Bayside, Shore Drive, Virginia Beach Boulevard, or Town Center.

Mona Lisa wearing a mask.

Covid-conscious massage to protect at-risk people.

Headshot of Linda Boyer, Quiet Strength Massage Therapy. Text reads Linda Boyer, LMT, Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist 0019003754.

Am I the right therapist for you?

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Appointments Available!

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  • Complete my electronic health information, and come in for your appointment!