Something in the (Spa) Water…

Water glass with fresh berries and mint

Some of my friends just don’t love H2O. Some folks can only drink water if it is icy-cold… for others, it has to be cool but not room-temperature… and I’ve heard quite a few people say that they “just don’t like the taste” of water.

All preferences aside, our bodies need to get hydration from somewhere. Although many animals (I’m looking at you, Dromedary) can go for a while without a drink, humans aren’t prepared to store up all the water we need.

H2O and You

You may have heard reminders about drinking water, during our current heat wave. We especially need to stay hydrated if we’re:

  • Working outside or spending time in the sun
  • In a strenuous occupation
  • Diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease
  • Taking any kind of medication that causes frequent urination
  • Frequently exercising
  • Perspiring heavily

How to make hydration more appealing

Technology has made it easier to keep cold drinks chilled! Tervis cups (or similar brands) are a great invention. They come in many different sizes; you can get a cup sporting the logo of your favorite team; and though they’re not perfect, they seem to keep a beverage cool longer than a regular cup.

Reusable water bottles (stainless steel or otherwise) are easy to find nowadays. Part of their appeal is that they’re environmentally friendly, as compared to single-use plastic water bottles. Set a goal to drink a certain number of refills per day — this will help you keep track of your water intake.

[Reaching over, grabbing my Tervis cup, and telling myself to follow my own advice]… If you’re engaged in a task, such as writing a blog post, you could set a goal to take a drink of water after each paragraph  🙂

But here’s the fun part: Create your own Spa Water!

We’re not limited to pitchers of cucumber H2O anymore. Here are some different refreshing combinations that you can try. (Not to mention, many local fruits and berries are at their peak season right now!)

So hit up the farm market for some fresh produce, and create your own pitcher of Something in the Water. Check out these ideas from some fancy-schmancy spas across the country:

  • Family Picnic: Watermelon, lightly-crushed blackberries, mint leaves, and halved strawberries
  • Citrus Refresher: Lemon, lime, and orange
  • Lemon Aid: Lemon and cucumber
  • Riviera: Cucumber, orange, and basil
  • The Sandcastle: Cucumber, lemon, and mint
  • Spa Mojito: Mint and lime
  • Indy in the Summertime: Mint leaves, lemon slices, and green apples
  • Darlin Clementine: Mandarin orange and blueberries
  • Berries with a Twist: Strawberries, lime, and cucumber

…or create your own special blend of spa waters!

It’s a simple formula:

Choose your fruits or veggies, and grab a pitcher of water. Your call: tap? bottled? filtered? sparkling water?

Let the flavors infuse your H2O, pour over ice… and enjoy. Now that’s something in the water!

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