Is Massage Good for Congestion & Sinus Pain?

Is massage good for sinus congestion? closeup of short haired woman holding tissue over her nose.

“Can massage help my sinus pressure?”

If you’re frequently dealing with sinus headaches, allergies, or stubborn nasal congestion, you’re in good company! The Cleveland Clinic estimates that 31 million people in the US suffer from sinus issues. With allergy seasons dragging on, more and more of my clients are struggling with these symptoms.

You may wonder if a massage will be helpful, or if your nose will feel more stuffy afterward. The good news is that I’ve got some options that could make your massage session more comfortable! Read on…

[Disclaimer: Please reschedule your massage if you are actively sick. If you are feverish, sneezy, or coughing, please rest and contact me to change your appointment. Once you’re just dealing with residual sinus pressure & congestion, we’ll get you back on the schedule.]

What if you want to lie face down?

Sometimes people experience sinus congestion after they’ve been lying face down on the massage table. That’s a pretty common issue.

But guess what! I’m now offering an innovative face cradle cushion that’s specially designed to avoid putting pressure on your forehead & cheeks, and minimize your congestion. Check it out! Clients have said that this new face rest feels much more comfy.

Can massage help my sinus pressure? Quiet Strength Massage Therapy is using a new face cradle that won't put pressure on your sinuses.

If you already feel stuffy from allergies, have a sinus headache, or feel concerned about developing congestion during the massage, we can start with you lying face down or on your side. I have a variety of pillows, bolsters, and rolled-up towels that we can use to help you feel comfortable and supported.

Then, after massaging your back areas, we’ll reposition you face up for the rest of your session. If you like, you can have a pillow or folded towel under your head to encourage your sinuses to decongest.

Massage for your face, head, & scalp helps sinuses too

In addition to making gravity our friend, I’ve got some great techniques to use with your head & face massage. Some acupressure work can help your sinuses to clear.

Many clients love getting a scalp massage add-on with their 60-minute Swedish massage session! You can get some relief from sinus headaches when I apply reflexology and pay attention to your acupressure points. And your facial tension just disappears!

Does aromatherapy help congestion?

We can add a few drops of essential oil to a tissue and tuck it into the face cradle.

Eucalyptus, peppermint, or lemon are believed to help decongest and open your sinuses. And their scents are refreshing & clarifying. Let me know if you want to add aromatherapy to your next appointment!

Pressure points you can try at home

And in addition, there are lots of simple massage and pressure point techniques that you can use for self-care between your appointments.

Here’s an example: Sitting in a comfortable position, begin with your forehead (your frontal sinuses). Put your fingertips on either side of your forehead, just above the eyebrows. Massaging slowly with a circular motion, work your way outwards, towards the temples. Use gentle pressure. Repeat all across your forehead.

Next: You can find the little notch in your eyebrow, between the bridge of your nose and the inner side of your upper eyelid. Apply some gentle pressure upwards to relieve pressure there.

Finally: Move to your cheeks (your maxillary sinuses). Place your fingertips on the area between your cheekbones and your upper jaw, on either side of the nose. Massage this area with a gentle circular motion. You could press up into that cheekbone if that feels good.

(In my experience, this is one of the most effective acupressure points for sinus issues. I love demonstrating it to friends & clients!)

Would you like to get some help with your congestion & sinus stuffiness?

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