How is massage therapy like an act of kindness?

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Since we recently celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Week – and after all, random acts of kindness are awesome year ‘round – I was thinking about the theme of kindness and how it relates to working with massage clients. And, you know what — massage therapy can be seen as an act of kindness in several ways.

Massage provides you with physical pain relief

Are you spending hours each week hunched over a laptop – analyzing reports for your job, writing papers for school, or sitting through yet another zoom meeting? So many of my massage clients come in with tense shoulders, back pain, or headaches caused by their computer work.

Or maybe you’re on your feet a lot, and your low back aches at the end of the day. Does that sound familiar?

Massage therapy can alleviate physical pain and tension in your body, promote relaxation, and boost your overall well-being. By focusing on the areas where you feel tense, I can help my clients feel more comfortable and at ease.

Massage for cancer patients working with client's leg

Massage promotes emotional well-being

Massage can also have a positive impact on mental & emotional health. By promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and increasing feelings of calmness and tranquility, you’ll feel better mentally & emotionally.

For example, many of my clients are serving in the Navy (or are military spouses). With a demanding work schedule, deployments, or taking care of kids, stress can build up. When you get a massage, it’s like pressing a pause button and lowering your anxiety levels.

Massage therapy is a caring touch

Offering physical touch through therapeutic massage is a powerful way to convey care, empathy, & concern. Especially with clients who are going through cancer treatment! Oncology massage will support your physical and emotional needs in a way that many people describe as “a vacation from cancer.”

Since Quiet Strength Massage Therapy is a one-on-one setting, I’ll provide you with personalized care that is focused on your individual situation. You will feel listened to, and won’t be rushed in & out. And that’s another way to show you kindness!

Woman having a relaxing massage to her head and face.

Getting a massage is a form of self-care

Massage appointments can be an act of kindness towards oneself! Taking the time to invest in self-care is a form of self-compassion. And your investment will pay dividends: you’ll feel physically & emotionally refreshed after your massage.

We often hear people speak of being intentional with our actions. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation has many suggestions on its website about becoming more intentional with our acts of kindness toward each other. And that includes being intentional toward your own health goals.

With life’s constant demands, self-care may not happen unless we make a point to schedule it. (If that sounds like a good plan, here’s the link to get your next massage onto your calendar.)

And I was thinking about this, too: how much do we absorb from the examples we see around us? If you’re a caregiver, a parent, or a coworker, caring for your physical & emotional health can convey a positive message to others. And that’s an act of kindness we all can benefit from!

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