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Welcoming new clients for therapeutic massage, by appointment, in Virginia Beach!

Expect these benefits from your massage:

  • Helping you to relax, destress, & enjoy self-care
  • Supporting you during cancer treatment (or if you’ve gone through cancer in the past)
  • Offering relief for your chronic pain, problem areas, & muscle tension
  • If you’re at high risk, medically vulnerable, or immunocompromised, I’m doing my best to be covid-conscious and provide you with a safer environment.
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Linda Boyer, Licensed Massage Therapist

I graduated from the Advanced Fuller School of Massage Therapy here in Virginia Beach, and have been licensed since 2002. [click to read more…]
  • Experienced therapist
  • I’ll listen to your needs
  • Support for many health situations

You can actually relax and enjoy some quiet time.

  • You will have a calm, quiet atmosphere during your massage. I joke that I’m not much of a talker, so my business is Quiet Strength. But it’s true.
  • If you want to talk during your massage and it helps you to be comfortable, feel free. But I won’t be chatty if you’re needing some peace & quiet.
Cancer patient is lying on their left side while the massage therapist works with their back and shoulders.

Support for those who’ve been affected by cancer.

If you have a history of cancer, I’m prepared to work with you safely. As a member of the Society for Oncology Massage, I’ve had special advanced training for oncology support. [click for info…]
  • Cancer treatment affects everyone differently! I will listen and ask important questions to find out the best way to adapt your massage for you.
  • Together we can focus on helping your pain, nausea, anxiety, depression, fatigue, & other side effects.
  • Oncology massage is “on my heart” because it’s a way to turn my own cancer history into some kind of positive influence and help others. Although I won’t say “I know how you feel” (which can be really annoying), I can relate to your experience.
Clock with text, Your 60 minute massage means 60 minutes! None of that silly 50 minute hour stuff here.

Convenient & client-focused.

Meeting your needs and valuing your time: [click for info…]
  • Online booking so you can schedule your appointment easily.
  • Your 60-minute massage will be 60 minutes of actual massage time on the table.
  • Personalized massages… we can focus your session on any areas that you’re most concerned about. And it’s OK to ask questions — I work with many people who are new to getting massages!
  • Have you ever found a therapist you really liked, and then they have moved to some other business next time you tried to book with them? I’m a one-person practice, so I won’t go MIA.
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How did I get interested in massage?

After being rear-ended in a car accident, I had headaches with neck & shoulder pain. It got worse after I began using a computer at my job every day. (Can you relate to that tension in your shoulders and back?) [click to read more…]

But I found out that some of my friends were good at massaging, and we used to knead each other’s necks & shoulders. I frequently said, “They teach this in massage school, you know. I should look into that.”

A career change!

After moving to Virginia Beach in 2000, I finally decided to get professional massage therapy training. I graduated from the Fuller School, here in Virginia Beach, in 2002. A few weeks later, I passed the national certification exam with flying colors, and have maintained my Virginia Board of Nursing credential ever since.

What is the best massage for cancer patients? Linda Boyer is a Preferred Practitioner with the Society for Oncology Massage.

Advanced training & experience & lifelong learning (oh my!)

I love to take Continuing Education classes and integrate the knowledge into serving you better! [click for info…]

And I’ve been fortunate to take many post-massage-school classes with well-known instructors in the massage therapy field.

  • For my Oncology Massage advanced training, I’ve studied with Tracy Walton’s program
  • Bodywork for Depression & Anxiety from Cultivating Inner Stillness
  • Hawaiian Sacred Lomi with Tom Cochran
  • Pathology with Ruth Werner
  • Medical massage/orthopedic classes with Ralph Stephens, James Waslaski, Benny Vaughn, & Ben Benjamin

I’ve traveled to Denver, Baltimore, & North Carolina to take in-person classes, frequently participate in online training, and take my learning very seriously.

“No pain/no gain” doesn’t apply here. Massage does NOT have to hurt! That’s not my style.

White 2 story office building at 800 Newtown Road, Virginia Beach. Quiet Strength Massage Therapy is in this building.

Where have I practiced before?

Between 2003 and 2018, I was on staff at several spas, massage clinics, & hair salons in Hampton Roads. [click to read more…]

When I was the massage therapist at a particular medi-spa in Virginia Beach, they received the Bronze award (for Best Place to Get a Massage) in the Virginian-Pilot “Best of the Beach” poll.

  • My private practice was originally named Lend a Hand Massage Therapy, and I was in Town Center for 9 years.
  • From 2017-2020, I was on West Great Neck.
  • Now I’m in a quiet, convenient, private location in a small office park on Newtown Road.

When you have a particular pathology or issue, I’ll do my best to research it and learn about any special massage techniques that may be beneficial. I want to help you as much as possible, within my scope of practice.

My Memberships:

If you have a fundraising event, auction, or other program, please contact me to discuss possible donations of gift certificates. I enjoy giving back to the community by supporting a limited number of charities per year.

should i use heat or ice? Gnome skiing and wearing warm hat.

And also…

Originally hailing from the Midwest, I came here to get away from the blizzards (lol). [click to read more…]

When not working, I am active with my church; read nonstop; love to be outside (in the shade); work on my 1950s fixer-upper; and frequently relax with 20th-century movies.

  • My friends say I’m funny. It’s a gift.
  • I am grateful to be a melanoma survivor, after experiencing surgeries and chemo.
  • I also love hanging out in the Outer Banks, consider “nerdy” a high compliment, and have been known to compose random haikus while driving.
covid safety measures | vaccinated massage therapist

Covid-conscious to protect at-risk people

If you’re concerned about finding a vaccinated massage therapist… [click to read more…]

I’ve had my covid vaccines, out of an abundance of caution for my own health risks — and for the safety of my clients. Be assured that I’m following some conservative disinfecting & cleaning protocols.

And because Phone Tag is so 1997…

The easiest way to book a massage is to use this online scheduling system. I’m looking forward to working with you. (Please let me know what questions you have.)