Is Massage Good for Congestion & Sinus Pain?

Is massage good for sinus congestion? closeup of short haired woman holding tissue over her nose.

“Can massage help my sinus pressure?” If you’re frequently dealing with sinus headaches, allergies, or stubborn nasal congestion, you’re in good company! The Cleveland Clinic estimates that 31 million people in the US suffer from sinus issues. With allergy seasons dragging on, more and more of my clients are struggling with these symptoms. You may …

25 Local Gift Ideas (no container-ship-surfing required!)

wrapped gift in box with ribbon

Have you seen the Facebook memes with desperate shoppers jet-skiing out to a container ship, looking for their holiday gifts? Never mind that... here are 25+ local suggestions for your holiday gift-giving. They're all found right here in Hampton Roads, and you won't have to worry about any shipping delays! Adventures & Sports The Adventure …

Helping My Clients Cope with Anxiety & Stress from Cancer

woman wearing hat. she may have anxiety & stress from cancer treatment.

When you are going through a course of cancer treatment, many people find that their stress and anxiety levels can go up exponentially. You may be experiencing some or all of these things: Physical symptoms such as back pain, tight shoulders, or headaches that feel connected to your stressEmotional symptoms such as depression, feeling on …