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Here are some FAQs that clients have sometimes wondered about massage therapy. Please feel free to ask questions before, during, & after your appointment to gain the most benefits from your treatment time.

Q: Who should get a massage?

Everyone! Seriously, there are some medical conditions that contraindicate massage therapy (especially deep or vigorous techniques). But most people find that massage is a great way to enhance your wellbeing and improve your health in a natural, holistic manner.

There are places (e.g., China, Japan, India) where people have been using massage for thousands of years. Many styles of massage are based on Eastern traditional medicine. Reflexology, for example, came from the belief that there are energy meridians found all over your body.

Fun fact: Did you know there are hundreds of different kinds of massage… and more being created all the time!

Q: I’ve never had a massage before. I’m not sure if I’ll like it. What do you suggest?

A 60-minute Swedish massage is a good introduction. You can relax, see how you like it, and get to know how your body feels after being massaged. You can get an idea of what level of pressure feels best for you.


By the way, I offer 30-minute Swedish, but I’d suggest 60 minutes. Although I can do a general massage (scalp, face, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and back) in 30 minutes… it goes pretty fast! You can get a better idea of massage therapy if you take an hour. That’s my suggestion 🙂

Q: I’ve never been there. Where do you do the massage? What is the room like?

My business, Quiet Strength Massage Therapy LLC, is located in Virginia Beach. When you come in, you can relax in the reception area and I’ll come meet you downstairs. Then we will go to my massage suite and discuss your goals for the massage. I’ll step out and you can get ready. My table has an adjustable heated cover with a thick fleece padding for your comfort. Music is playing to help you relax and wind down, and the atmosphere is quiet and pleasant.

Q: You can fix my back pain with a massage, right?

You certainly may feel results and benefits immediately. One important thing to remember is that most likely one session will not fix your issue… But some consistent self-care can, over time, help you feel much better. Just as working out regularly will help you become more physically fit, a series of therapeutic massages can gradually help you to meet your health goals!

Q: What do you need to know about my medical history? I went somewhere else for a massage and they didn’t ask me these questions.

To ensure that your massage is not only beneficial to you, but also safe for your medical conditions, I have an online form for you to fill out and sign. Any allergies, acute or chronic conditions, serious illnesses, and injuries need to be reported on the form. While the coronavirus is still present in our community, there’s also a COVID-19 screening form for you to fill out online.

I’m not being “nosy,” but I want to have great integrity toward my clients. There are many conditions that massage therapy can help, but there are also some conditions that contraindicate massage.

In some medical cases, it may be in your best interest to get your doctor’s input before proceeding with massage therapy. Or it may be necessary to defer treatment to a later time.

As much as possible, I use organic oils and lotions. Mostly I have been massaging with organic Jojoba. It is non-allergenic. Make sure to let me know if you have any allergies to any nuts or plants.

Oh, by the way, I won’t randomly use scented products in your massage unless requested. I’m very sensitive to chemical scents and perfumes, and I know that many clients also have that sensitivity (or preference).

Q: Do you need special qualifications to work with a client who has had cancer?

Massage therapy can often help with the side effects of cancer treatment. And some of the effects of cancer may linger for months or years. It’s best to work with a therapist who knows what modifications to make so that your massage is safe, comfortable, and beneficial. Here’s an article from the Society for Oncology Massage that explains some of the questions a therapist should be asking you.

Is Your Therapist Trained?

Q: How often is it OK to get a massage?

That varies from person to person, I suppose. I adapt techniques to be as safe and helpful as possible for each different client.

When you can come in for massages on a regular basis, you will probably see better results than if you go a long time between sessions. It’s similar to other healthy habits, like going to the gym. Consistency will help you have greater benefits.

If you are interested in massage series or packages, please let me know. You receive a discount with a package of sessions, and also you can pre-book your preferred appointment time.

Q: What time should I get there?

Hampton Roads traffic can be unpredictable, but try to arrive about 5-10 minutes early so you can relax before your appointment time.

My goal is always to be able to give clients the full time you are scheduled for. In the unfortunate event that you’re late for your appointment, it may be necessary to shorten the session. Please call if you’re lost or if you’re stuck in traffic.

Q: What areas of the body do you work on?

Normally, the massage includes your scalp, face (if desired), neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, and back.

*Note: we’ll skip the facial massage while masking is necessary.

I don’t apply oil or lotions with the facial massage. I try not to get oil in your hair as much as possible. However, unless we don’t work on your neck or shoulders at all, some oil may be unavoidable. I’ll do my best.

If there are areas of your body that you don’t want me to work on, that is 100% fine and it is totally your decision. Please let me know either before, or at the beginning of, your massage so that I can plan the timing of what I’m going to work on. Also please let me know if you have any isolated areas to avoid, like a broken toe or a localized rash.

Q: Do I need to take all my clothes off?

This is up to you.

Since this is an ethical, professional, therapeutic massage, you will be draped as required by the law. (Covered by the sheet, blanket, and/or towels.) No exceptions.

During the massage, I will uncover your arms, legs, and back as each area is worked on. Your modesty will be respected at all times.

I strongly suggest that you remove your jewelry before the massage: necklaces, watches, large earrings. If needed, I can work around your jewelry, but this may reduce the effectiveness of your treatment.

Q: How am I going to feel after my massage?

Depending on the type of massage (hot stones, aromatherapy, etc.), you might feel relaxed…sleepy…invigorated…or temporarily sore. (However, “No Pain/No Gain” does Not apply here!)

Remember, it’s important that you feel free to give feedback anytime during the massage. If there is any stroke that feels uncomfortable to you, please let me know right away in the moment, so that I can change it!

Some clients feel very relaxed or sleepy; I’ve always said that snoring is a compliment. At any rate, massage is an excellent investment in your own health and wellness.

Q: Will I feel sore from the pressure?

Please let me know at any time during the massage if you want more, or less, pressure to a given area of your body. Therapy sometimes causes a client to feel sore in the areas that we focused on, or you may feel delayed onset soreness 24 to 48 hours later. (Again, I am NOT about causing clients pain. Massage does NOT have to hurt in order to be helpful.)

If your body is not used to receiving massage, deeper pressure may not be the most beneficial thing for you at your first session. Less is more. I can still help you without using deep work.

Massage may aggravate some conditions of the body, which is one reason why you need to disclose your medical history with your first session. I’m not being “nosy,” but I am a responsible therapist who wants to watch out for your health and safety.  🙂

I suggest that you increase your water intake, especially when you’re receiving massages regularly. (Some people have claimed that it will help flush toxins from your body. This is an old massage therapy tradition, but it’s not supported by science…so I’m not gonna tell you that it will do that.) But you can expect better results from your massage if your body is well hydrated.

In addition, if you do have any muscle soreness, try soaking in a bath with Epsom salts; use an ice pack (a bag of frozen peas makes a good homemade ice pack); or dampen a towel, warm it in the microwave, and apply to the sore muscles for a few minutes. Many clients have found that alternating ice and moist heat is beneficial for them.

Q: What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

If you booked online, the system will allow you to change your appointment up until 12 hours prior.

If you have any symptoms that could be COVID-19, or if you have potentially been exposed to someone with COVID, please contact me right away to reschedule!!

No-call/No-show clients will be required to provide a credit card in order to reserve any future appointments. A fee may apply in the case of no-shows or if there is a pattern of late cancellations.

I know that life happens, kids can get sick, you might get called in to work unexpectedly, etc. … just keep me posted.

If you have any other questions about my services, or about massage in general, please don’t hesitate to ask! Call, text, or ask a question on my Facebook page.