What is Hawaiian Sacred Lomi?

LomiLomi is based upon the traditional massage of the Hawaiian Islands. There are different forms of Lomi massage: one is commonly called Aunty Margaret’s style and one is known as Temple Style Lomi. (Disclaimer: I have only studied Temple Style.)

My instructors (Tom Cochran, Donna Jason) are well known in massage therapy and spent several years living in Hawaii. They developed Sacred Lomi from their experience of the Temple Style. So that is the form of LomiLomi that I have received training in. I understand that there are other styles, too, but have not had the opportunity to learn them.

LomiLomi is performed with a flowing technique, using a lot of forearm strokes. You will enjoy specially-chosen Hawaiian music during the session, and clients have reported that this was one of the most relaxing and calming treatments that they have ever received.

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1 hour Hawaiian Sacred Lomi Massage $70

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